The Mindful Communicator - Creating An Authentic Voice

Boardrooms and organisations are facing huge transformational change as they have to accept overwhelming & difficult decisions while their business balances on a knife edge between success and sudden failure. Managing conflict on all levels during these times of austerity can be time-consuming and costly. Communication can be tough and the wrong approach can create further problems.

At Mindfulness Leadership we running a programme, the first of its kind, to address how to communicate Mindfully and authentically.

Mindfulness is the scientifically proven practice of taking back control of the mind and recognising how the power of deep personal awareness on a very fundamental level can bring huge benefits both personally and in the workplace.

It enables executives to achieve mental and emotional well-being, rediscover confidence and balance, and give them a skillset to enable them to survive and communicate mindfully the tough challenges ahead.

The Mindful Communicator enables all executives to put wisdom back into their communications at all levels. 

Our programmes can be offered at an individual or group level. The Mindful Communicator can be focused on advanced presentation & public speaking skills, or on the overall communication needs of a wider group.

For example, we offer an exciting programme exploring the bonding aspect of the group dynamics of communication through working with the Maori Haka, a spell-binding war-cry, seen at the opening of any New Zealand international rugby match or Royal visit. The dance is about building deeper connections, inspiring group trust and embracing team values, all hallmarks of the Mindful and Authentic communicator.



Any Mindful communication workshop will look at:

  • in-depth advanced analysis of our body language and tone of voice
  • how our attitude & body posture affects our non-verbal communication often unknowingly
  • our ‘scripts’ – personal and corporate – both negative and positive
  • how mindfulness exercises can make one more aware of blocks

We are all constantly reading each other’s non-verbal communication usually without being aware how much effect we have on others, or they on us.

Raising our awareness of this part of our communication (up to 93%) enables us to have more control over how and what we communicate to others, whether in presentations or less formal meetings on a day-to-day basis, so that we can decide what messages we wish to give out. It also sharpens our senses for interpreting the reactions of others. 

By using simple mindful techniques we can be more aware of our personal stories and scripts that can get in the way of communicating and how we are expressing this through our body and voice. By raising awareness of this key elements we are empowered and, in turn, empower those around us.

Please contact us for further details and we can discuss a programme to suit your team.


Mindfulness means the awareness that emerges when we learn to pay attention in a particular way: on purpose, in the present moment, and non-judgmentally to things as they are.

Jon Kabat-Zinn, Full Catastrophe Living